Front of houseWe intend to provide an entry to a beautiful environment.  If you know what you want, we can provide expert, high quality installation, quickly and hassle free.  If you are not sure what you want we can provide colorful graphics to describe ideas that accommodate any realistic budget.  To start we will set a free appointment to meet you at your property.  Our representative will be prompt, clean and knowledgeable.  You can either describe what you want or the representative can make suggestions.  To the extent specific materials can be determined and specific areas can be measured, then specific prices can be quoted.  If only general decisions can be made about materials and quantities then approximate price ranges will be quoted.  Installations can be done from a freehand sketch drawn on site or a scaled design can be drawn at our office.  There is no charge to produce a design if you commit to our installation or a design fee and can be paid and refunded if you use our installation.  Every job is as Steps to housedifferent as its client.  We pride ourselves for tailoring services and products to each unique clients needs.  We make custom affordable!  Let us guide you along a path to happiness.  Together it will not be as steep or rocky as it might appear.

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